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Do I Need a Chlamydia Test When Partner was Treated?

Q: I am a 43-year old man, and I have recently started a new relationship. My partner informed me that she was diagnosed with Chlamydia about two weeks before our first sexual encounter. She says that her doctor gave her medication to take care of the STD, so I shouldn’t be worried. However, I am […]

Is a Chlamydia Test Private?

Q: I have been thinking about having a chlamydia test performed. I’m not sure if I’ve been exposed, but I think it is a possibility. I just don’t want anyone to find out I’m being tested. Will you protect my privacy? D. Harper Dallas, TX A: Your privacy is one of our main concerns. All […]

Do I Need a Chlamydia Test after One Sexual Encounter?

Q: If I have only had sex once and used protection, is it possible that I might have chlamydia? I’ve been having some abnormal discharge and a Google search led me to suspect this STD. Can you tell me more about chlamydia and if I need a chlamydia test? S. Franklin Cleveland, OH A: Using […]

Do I Need a Chlamydia Test?

Q: My boyfriend was diagnosed with chlamydia. Since we haven’t been recently sexually active, do I still need to get a chlamydia test? I don’t have any symptoms. J. Hollingsworth Boston, Massachusetts A: Just because you do not show any symptoms of chlamydia does not mean that you are in the clear. The symptoms of […]