I have gonorrhea, and it won’t go away

I caught gonorrhea about 10 years ago, and because I was so young I didn’t know what to do so it was left untreated. Since then I’ve been in and out of the clinic trying to free myself from this infection, I no longer have the immediate symptoms but I am constantly suffering with being uncomfortable and burning when urinating. The main problem is every time I go to see someone about this they tell me that there’s nothing wrong with me. I know for a fact that there is because I have slept with girls and they have been passed on this infection even though I have tested negatively every time. I’m losing hope because I can’t have a girlfriend due to this ongoing hell that I’m going through, I really do hope that you can recommend a specialist or give me some answers rather than just telling me that I’m fine.

First of all, I want you to know that there isn’t much that we can do for you. It sounds like you have seen at least one doctor about this problem; it may be a good idea to see a specialist like an urologist. If you have already done so, maybe you should see a different one, and get at least a second opinion. I’m not sure where you are located, but if you feel like you have exhausted all your options, something to consider is the MAYO clinic, located in Rochester, Minnesota. Many people view this as their last option, as the MAYO clinic takes patients and cases that seem to be otherwise unsolvable, and try to figure out what is happening, rather than just telling you that there is nothing wrong.

Aside from that, a couple things to think about would be as follows:

-If you have tested negative every time, then you should not have anything to worry about. If you have no bacteria in your urethra, then you shouldn’t be able to pass it on. This kind of infection resides in the urethra, so a urethral swab or a urine test would be the kind testing that you need to perform.

-You could have gotten gonorrhea again. That isn’t out of the question. Assuming that you were treated at some point in the past, you could have gotten it again from a more recent partner. You may have had sex with someone that didn’t have symptoms, so they didn’t know about it, but they could have passed it on to you. Additionally, you might have internal tissue damage due to scarring from the original infection, which means you may still notice the signs that you mentioned.

As frustrating as this may be, do not give up. In order to find urologists in your area, you might try to contact a local American Medical Association office and ask them for a list of urologists in your area. Better yet, just go to your primary care physician and ask him/her for a list or at least a few recommendations. I would start with the latter.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you get closure.