How to Test for Methadone

“I have been taking Methadone for 2 years but now I am off. I have a pre-employment drug screen in a few days. How do I test for Methadone to make sure I pass my drug test?”

Kenny B.
Atlanta, GA

Methadone is typically not tested for in a pre-employment drug screen. However, it is possible for your future employer to request a more extensive drug panel. If you would like to test for methadone prior to your pre-employment drug screen, there are a couple different options for you.

Methadone is included in a 9 Panel Urine Analysis and a 12 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Screen. Most employers require a 5 Panel Urine Analysis which carries a relatively short window detection time and tests for marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and PCP. If you are concerned that your employer will require a hair follicle drug screen you will need a 12 Panel to test for Methadone. The 12 Panel is a little more expensive than a 5 Panel and results typically take longer to come back. If a 12 Panel is a test more appropriate for your situation it is a good idea to make testing arrangements soon.