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To Wait or Not to Wait for an HIV PCR Test

Q: I just found out that my brother’s girlfriend is HIV positive. He has only been dating her for about two months. He is freaking out and so am I. Is there any way he can be tested now or should he just go ahead and wait for another month?

L. Kincaid

Round Rock, TX

A: It’s definitely necessary that your brother be tested; however, there is no need to freak out quite yet. HIV is not transmitted nearly as easily as a lot of people think. Simply sleeping with someone who is HIV positive does not guarantee you will contract it. If he has contracted it, treatment has come a long way since the virus was first discovered. Many people live long, normal lives with HIV.

That said, your brother does not necessarily have to wait another month for reliable results. An HIV PCR test is capable of detecting HIV before three months after exposure. Since your brother was exposed within the past two months, this is the best option for him if he wants results now.

He will receive accurate results in about seven business days – in many cases, the results are returned in as little as three days. Contact our office for more information on our private, discreet testing facilities.