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I Need to Have STD Testing Performed Again!

Q: I recently went to the health department for STD testing. According to their results, I am free of STDs. However, I am worried that the results were not accurate. I am still experiencing various symptoms that simply are not normal. I would like to be tested again, but I would prefer not to use my personal physician. I have had multiple partners over the last two years, and that is not something I want to share with my doctor. Can you tell me how quickly About My Health will have my results back to me, as well as how reliable the results will be? I just want some reliable answers that I can depend on.

K. Lyon

Chicago, Illinois

A: It’s definitely a good sign that you’ve been tested and the results were negative; however, it is important to realize that STDs do not always show up on tests right away. Chlamydia and gonorrhea typically will take about a week to show up in urine tests, and other common STDs (HIV, herpes, hepatitis B, and syphilis) will take about 6-12 weeks to show up.

A lot of people prefer to not use their personal physician for STD testing, and we offer a great alternative that is still private and confidential. All of our tests are performed through a professional laboratory and results are returned within 1-3 business days usually. To get tested simply call our office to speak with a test expert. We can help you decide which tests to do and have you in a collection site as early as the same day you call.