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Trying to Get Brother to Seek Herpes Testing

Q: My brother has a new girlfriend, and they have been sexually active for about one month. He told me that he has some sort of a blister or sore on his genitals, and he is concerned about the possibility of an STD, especially herpes. He is too embarrassed to go to his regular doctor for herpes testing. I am trying to convince him to be tested at one of your locations, but until I can do that, could you please tell me more about herpes, as well as any other STDs that might cause this kind of symptom?

L. Kinkaid

Lawton, OK

A: A lot of people are uncomfortable visiting their doctor for STD testing, especially if they’ve only been sexually active for a short amount of time. A blister or sore on the genitals is a very common symptom of herpes or possibly another STD such as syphilis. Herpes is an STD that cannot be cured; however, it can be controlled with proper medication. It is also important to note that herpes is not detrimental to one’s health in most cases, it is more of an inconvenience or nuisance. Syphilis on the other hand can be damaging to your health, but it can be cured in most cases if detected soon on.

We offer testing for both STDs, as well as others. The testing is all done in a private laboratory setting, so all he would have to do is submit a blood draw. There are no physical exams, embarrassing questionnaires, or painful procedures. Simply call our office to find a local collection site, submit the blood draw, and receive results within a few days. We also provide post testing counseling if necessary. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to arrange for testing.