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How Is HIV Different in African Americans?

It is a common fact that HIV does not discriminate against who it infects; however, having HIV doesn’t always mean the same thing…especially if you’re African American. Research has shown that African Americans have higher rates of HIV infections, they get sicker faster, and get treatment later than other ethnicities. There are many myths that […]

Keepings teens safe from HIV

When it comes to HIV/AIDS the mantra has always been: get tested. But some doctors warn that sometimes a negative test can give a false sense of security to both doctors and patients, particularly for risk-taking teenagers, said Dr. Allison Agwu, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Rapid HIV tests are […]

HIV Antibody Tests Unreliable for Early Infections in Teens

All too often, teenagers are going to their doctor’s office with flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, etc.- having some routine blood work done – and when everything comes back negative they are sent home with no-questions-asked. A few weeks later (symptoms still persistent) the teens return to have more blood work. This time the HIV […]