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Dirty Needle Causes Concern

One month ago, I went to a hospital in Fairfax, VA to check for HIV on a blood specimen. At that time, I also checked for other sexually transmitted diseases, and all of my tests results were negative. I am confused about one thing, that is, when the doctor took my blood using needle and […]

When in doubt, see your doctor

I have never had any sexually transmitted diseases. I do get boils a lot. I got this bubble the day I started my cycle which was July 3rd and ended July 8th. All of a sudden, I noticed this bubble, so I gave it a day and tried using a needle to pop it. It […]

I work at a hospital and was stuck by a needle.

I work at a hospital and was stuck by a needle while tending to a patient. What should I do? You should have already attempted to squeeze out anything that may have entered your body through the needle stick site. It may be a good idea to tell a supervisor immediately, although some people choose […]