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Is Testing Needed with No Gonorrhea Symptoms?

Q: I am an 18-year-old male, and I have been sexually active for approximately 2 years. Although I always try to use protection when I have sex, there have been a few occasions when protection was not used. Recently, I heard that a girl I was intimate with a couple of months ago has gonorrhea. […]

Learning about the Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Q: I’d like to know more about gonorrhea symptoms. I’ve been having some discharge and burning. I’m not sure if it’s gonorrhea or another STD. I did have unprotected sex recently with someone who I’m not too familiar with. Name Withheld Buffalo, NY A: If you are experiencing symptoms, the best thing to do is […]

What Are Some of the Symptoms of Gonorrhea?

Q: I recently had sex for the first time. I didn’t use any protection and now I’m worried that I might have contracted gonorrhea. Can you tell me what the gonorrhea symptoms are and how I can be tested without anyone finding out? B. Salvo Dallas, TX A: There are various gonorrhea symptoms, including: Abnormal […]