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Do I Need Another Herpes Test?

Q: I had a herpes test done about three months ago when I started dating my new girlfriend. The results came back negative. I have been faithful to her, and I am certain she has been faithful to me. However, I noticed some sort of blister in my genital area. Before I go back to […]

Do I Need a Herpes Test?

Q: I have been experiencing some strange symptoms and would like to know more about herpes. I’m afraid that I might need a herpes test. I don’t know if I’ve been exposed, but I did have unprotected sex recently. Please tell me more about herpes symptoms and your testing process. Name Withheld Denver, CO A: […]

Do I Really Need to Get a Herpes Test?

Q: I found out that an ex has herpes. I was never told about this and the last time we were together sexually was almost a year ago. I do not know if he had herpes during our time together or not. I never saw any symptoms. Do I need to get a herpes test? […]