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Trying to Get Brother to Seek Herpes Testing

Q: My brother has a new girlfriend, and they have been sexually active for about one month. He told me that he has some sort of a blister or sore on his genitals, and he is concerned about the possibility of an STD, especially herpes. He is too embarrassed to go to his regular doctor […]

Herpes Testing after Hearing a Rumor

Q: My husband and I recently separated. I just discovered that he had cheated on me a few months ago. The person he was involved with is rumored to have herpes. Does this mean that I’ve been exposed to herpes? Should I have myself tested? S. Steinman Boise, Idaho A: If you have recently been […]

Scared of Herpes Testing

Q: My boyfriend found out that he has herpes. I’m in a panic – I know I need to be tested, but I’m afraid of the results. I have heard horrific things about herpes. What can you tell me about herpes testing? S. Gardner Miami, FL A: Since your boyfriend has been diagnosed with herpes, […]

What Types of Herpes Testing are Available?

Q: I just found out that my ex-boyfriend has herpes. I don’t have any herpes symptoms, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I’ve never been tested before – what are some of the available types of herpes testing? D. Sanders San Antonio, Texas A: You are right – it is better to be […]