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Advanced technology for the earliest detection.

Traditional methods for detecting HIV (HIV antibody test) and other STDs may require a waiting time of as long as 3 months. Early detection of HIV by advanced HIV PCR technology can greatly reduce the time you have to wait for reliable test results. This means you no longer have wait 3 months to know your HIV status. We also provide testing for early detection of STDs like chlamydia, N. gonorrhea and even genital herpes.

Child and Environmental Exposure Drug Tests

Environmental exposure hair drug testing has been created to meet the needs of child custody and other similar family scenarios such as elder care concerns. This type of drug test not only offers an extended detection time it also can see if a person or child is being exposed to drugs in their environment. It is unlikely that a child or elder loved one is injesting drugs so it is very possible for a standard hair test not to detect environmental exposure. In these cases, the environmental exposure test is ideal and can be incredibly useful in court and custody situations. Please call customer service at 866-927-5264 to obtain the lab order you need for testing.

5 panel environmental exposure hair drug test

including SOME extended prescription opiates – looking for marijuana, methamphetamine and amphetamines, PCP, opiates, cocaine – only approximate 90 day look back available

7 panel environmental exposure hair drug test

includes 5 panel plus barbiturates, benzodiazepines – only approximate 90 day look back available

9 panel environmental exposure hair

includes 7 panel plus propoxyphene, methadone – only approximate 90 day look back available

Special Note: Additional substances are available upon request however, we strongly recommend calling to discuss testing options.

Please call customer service 866-927-5264 for lab orders.