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Testing for Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting and other extreme fighting.

If you are involved in contact sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts, and other forms of extreme fighting, you could be at a greater risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis.

Special Discounts for fighters

Who can afford testing every time you have a fight? Getting tested before each fight is important, but it can also get expensive. We offer fighters our best possible rate so you can afford testing when you need it. Just call to find out if your gym or promoter has an account or help us set one up for them.

Testing Requirements

As you know, during a fight there is often trauma caused to the surface of the skin, allowing a potentially infectious agent direct access to the blood stream. In addition, the possibility of being exposed to another fighter’s blood is also high. For this reason most states require boxers, MMA and ultimate fighters to show negative test results for HIV, Hepatitis B virus (HBV), and Hepatitis C virus (HCV) before they can obtain a license to fight. These same test results are also required on the day of your fight. Currently, most amateur fighting leagues do not require testing.

Protecting yourself in the ring

The screening requirements for HIV and hepatitis can greatly reduce your risk of exposure during a fight, however, having a general idea how these viruses are transmitted and knowing how to reduce your risk in the ring is also important.

When there is blood exposure in the ring there is also the possibility of exposure to things like HIV and hepatitis. Hepatitis C and specially Hepatitis B are considerably more concentrated and more hearty, which means the risk of transmission can also be greater. Whenever possible, avoid blood exposure, especially when that blood is coming in contact with any area of your body that may have compromised, cut, or broken skin.

Another thing to think about is getting vaccinated. Currently, there is no vaccine for HIV and Hepatitis C, but you can get vaccinated for Hepatitis B.

What to do if you have been exposed?

If you know you have had an exposure to HIV or Hepatitis, don’t wait! You should know there are steps that you can take to significantly lessen the severity of infection. If identified early enough you can even lessen the probability of having life-long chronic hepatitis. If you have had an exposure that you are worried about just give us a call. We provide advanced testing for early detection of HIV and Hepatitis and we can also talk to you about your risk, and help you decide what steps to take next.

Mixed Martial Arts & Ultimate Fighting

Test for HIV Ab, Hepatitis C Ab, Hepatitis B SaG…………………$109

**Special Pricing offered for members of some
gyms and promoters.

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