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Hepatitis C Test,
Early Detection

Hepatitis C RNA PCR Test


PCR technology (Polymerase Chain Reaction), quantitative range of 43 IU/mL to 69,000,000 IU/mL.

Results Turnaround

3-7 business days.

Clinical Use:

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Early Detection of hepatitis C infection.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Traditionally used as a viral count after diagnosis.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Useful in situations where recent significant risk of infection exists (recent needle stick, blood transfusion, IDU).

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Useful in cases in which the individual suffers from extreme levels of anxiety, and does not wish to wait the traditional 3 month window period.

Hepatitis C Virus Transmission:

HCV is usually transmitted from exposure to infectious blood. More common scenarios for the transmission of HCV include:

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Intravenous drug use is the most common means of transmission in the U.S.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Receiving infected blood through donations, products, or organs. This means of transmission has decreased since the implementation of blood screening technology.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Needlestick injuries in healthcare field

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Birth to an HCV-infected mother

Other less likely means of transmission include:

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Engaging in sexual intercourse with an HCV-infected person

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Sharing personal items (razors, toothbrushes, etc.) with an HCV-infected person


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