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Advanced technology for the earliest detection.

Traditional methods for detecting HIV (HIV antibody test) and other STDs may require a waiting time of as long as 3 months. Early detection of HIV by advanced HIV PCR technology can greatly reduce the time you have to wait for reliable test results. This means you no longer have wait 3 months to know your HIV status. We also provide testing for early detection of STDs like chlamydia, N. gonorrhea and even genital herpes.

About My Health
Drug Testing


Drug Screening

Individual and Company drug screening with on-going or one-time testing


Hair Follicle

Our 5 Panel Test provides a 90-day window period for drug testing


Pre-Employment Testing

Prevent drug abuse at home and the workplace with Pre-Employment Drug Screening


Urine Drug Screening

5 Panel, 7 Panel, 9 Panel and 10 Panel Urine Screening tests available to check for substance abuse


ETG Ethylglucuronide Screening $129

Zero Tolerance Alcohol Policy can be test with our ETG Screening


About My Health Drug Screening

Please refer to individual drug testing pages or call and speak to a test expert. The cost for drug testing will vary depending on the amount and frequency of testing needed.

*Residents of NY, NJ, and RI may be subject to a minimal additional fee.