Cold Sores: Home Remedies

Cold sore is troublesome and has the potential to irritate a person beyond limits. Although, there are many medications available in market for curing cold sore, it usually takes a long time to get cured completely.

There are many home remedies available to cure the cold sore and can be used at the preliminary stage of the infection which hinders the spread and growth of the infection.

Cold sores growth and development is required to be hindered down by introducing some minor changes in the diet. Vitamins and other supplements can also be added in the diet to enhance the healing process.

The few effective remedies which are known to cure at a faster pace are described here for your knowledge.

Application of ice on the cold sore is by far known to be the most effective home remedy. Take one ice cube and wrap in a netted cloth and then press on the infected area. Ice, if used at the preliminary stage of the infection, hinders the further growth of the infection by decreasing the rate of metabolism of the affected cells. It also provides the soothing effect and reduces the itching and the irritation. Put ice on the sore for two minutes at the interval of five minutes.

Another very effective home remedy is to apply lemon or aloe vera balm extract or tea bags on the cold sore. It also restricts the growth of the viral infected cells and provides the soothing and cooling sensation on the infected area.  Coffee consumption should also be reduced as it is known to intensify cold sore growth.

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