Can You Help Me with Drug Testing My Employees?

Q: I run a small construction company and I have been thinking about having my three employees submit to drug testing. Can About My Health help me get my employees tested?

G. Franklin
Stillwater, OK

A: About My Health can absolutely help you have your employees screened for drugs. Having your employees screened for drugs will help protect your business, and can also reduce your insurance rates.
You can have your employees screened with either urine or hair follicle tests, although the urine test is the most common among employers. Urine testing will detect recent drug use, making it ideal for new hires, post-accident, or random drug screens. Hair follicle testing will provide an extended window of detection (up to three months or longer), and can detect if someone has a past history of abusing drugs.
If you are considering on-going testing we can also manage a drug-testing account for you. There is no additional cost to set up an account and it also provides the opportunity to receive price breaks for volume testing.