An HIV DNA PCR Panel is a Good Choice for Testing

Q: I just found out that a recent partner was diagnosed with HIV. I’m very scared right now. I know that I need to be tested; I’m just not sure what type of testing is the best for my situation. I also want to make sure my privacy is protected – I simply cannot go to my doctor for this test. Can About My Health help me?

J. Richland

Tampa, FL

A: When a former partner reveals an HIV positive status, it can be frightening. The important thing to remember is to stay calm. You are right – you do need to be tested and About My Health can help.

We offer an HIV DNA PCR panel test that is sufficient for your needs. This particular form of testing is designed for early detection, and it will also provide accurate results past exposures. You need accuracy at a time like this. In addition to the testing, we offer private, anonymous testing. You need not worry about invasive procedures or paperwork. We work hard to protect your privacy and ensure that you receive results in a timely manner.