Can I Get Anonymous STD Testing?

Q: I have been sexually active for about 5 years. I have decided to get tested for STDs. My problem is that I don’t know where to go for anonymous STD testing. I don’t want to go to my regular doctor – too many people I know visit the same doctor. Does About My Health offer anonymous testing?

Name Withheld

Hartford, CT

A: Being tested for STDs, even if you practice safe sex, is always a great idea. You want to do everything you can to protect your health. Your need of anonymity is also understandable. It can be embarrassing to visit your regular doctor and run into people you know. They might ask questions that you would rather not answer.

We absolutely can offer anonymous testing. We respect your privacy and work hard to protect it. Should you choose to test with us, you will be directed to a discreet location for testing. There will not be any invasive paperwork – just check in with a registration number and get tested. No photo ID, no questionnaires, or embarrassing exams. No one has to know why you are there, and your results will be kept confidential.