Arrange for a Hair Follicle Drug Test with About My Health

Q: I have a strong suspicion that my teenage daughter has been experimenting with drugs. I do not think she is abusing drugs every day, but I do know that there was a party a couple of months ago where drugs were offered. I would like to have her come to one of your lab locations for a hair follicle drug test. I know that there are other options, such as a urine drug screening. However, from everything I have read, the hair test is much more reliable as far as long-term detection. How do I go about arranging for drug screening?

W. Theodore

Miami, FL

A: If you are concerned about drug use a few months back, a hair follicle test is really your only option. However, it is important to note that hair follicle testing is designed to detect patterns of regular use. It is not ideal for detecting one or two time use in the past couple months. Another thing to consider is the type of drug you are concerned with. Different test panels will screen for different types of drugs. If you have specific concerns our test experts can discuss them with you and help decide which test best suits your needs. Call our office to speak with an expert, find a local collection site, and arrange for testing.