Could I be Infertile from Chlamydia?

Q: My boyfriend and I were both diagnosed with chlamydia. Neither one of us exhibited any symptoms of chlamydia. We only found out because we both had our annual screening for STDs. I am a little concerned that I may have had this STD for quite some time. Is there any chance that the chlamydia could have caused some irreversible damage? I have heard horror stories about infertility, and while I don’t want children right now, I would like to have kids in the future. How can I find out if this STD caused me some serious harm?

N. Nielsen

Washington, D.C.
A: Your situation is not uncommon – a lot of people, including men and women, do not show symptoms of Chlamydia when they are infected. It is definitely good that you both were diagnosed so that you can receive treatment. In most cases Chlamydia can be easily cured with antibiotics, but there are cases when it can cause irreversible damage to the reproductive system. This usually is a result of having the infection for quite some time without treatment. If you are concerned you should speak with your OBGYN and request an exam to determine the severity of your infection.