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Tests For HIV

Q: Tests for HIV, why so many? I am in Philadelphia area and I have been looking at the options for my HIV test, there are so many how do I choose? A: As covered in a previous submission, there are multiple tests for HIV. If you have questions about which test you should be […]

Marriage License Requirements

Question: I just recently got engaged, and I’ve been hearing that STD testing is required to get a marriage license. Is this true? – Mississippi Answer: In many states, this can be the case. Mississippi in particular requires that both parties provide proof from within the past 30 days that they are free of syphilis. […]

Is HIV/STD testing needed for a foreign work visa?

In many cases, yes. More and more countries are requiring that travelers and tourists have proof of HIV/STD testing before attaining a work visa. Russia, for example, requires proof of HIV testing if one is staying for 90 or more days – which is often the case if they are travelling for work. Canada, China, […]

Testing Requirements for Mississippi Marriage License

I live in Mississippi. I heard my fiancée and I have to get an HIV test before we get married, how can I find out for sure? Each state has their own STD testing requirements. The state of Mississippi does not currently require an HIV test before issuing a marriage license, but you are required […]