Marriage License Requirements

Question: I just recently got engaged, and I’ve been hearing that STD testing is required to get a marriage license. Is this true?

– Mississippi


In many states, this can be the case. Mississippi in particular requires that both parties provide proof from within the past 30 days that they are free of syphilis. If you are getting married outside of your home state, the laws will most like differ for a marriage license. Some states require STD testing, and others may require nothing at all. Presently, no states require an pre-marital HIV/AIDS test; however, many states will require that applicants at least be offered the opportunity to have an HIV test.

Either way, HIV and STD testing is is simple to do. Low cost testing can usually be arranged through your health department, but the process is not very private and tends to take a while. Fast and private testing can generally be found through private laboratories or through a search online, but there is usually a cost associated with it.

Before tying the knot, make sure you have followed all of the guidelines set forth by your state – including HIV and STD testing. Even if testing is not included in the marriage license requirements, it is not a bad idea to to checked for the sole purpose of your health.