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Occupational Exposure to HIV

Q: I believe I had an occupational exposure to HIV recently, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to test yet. I’ve heard that you have to wait 3-6 months for a reliable HIV test, is this true? Are there any other options? A: If you believe that you may have been exposed to HIV, […]

Best Test for HIV?

Q: I recently had a test done, but I want to be a hundred percent sure that my results are accurate. What is the best blood test for the HIV virus? A: There are multiple tests that can be used to test for HIV, and depending on your situation one test may be better than […]

Who is at Risk for HIV?

Q: Can you tell me who is at risk for HIV? I’ve been associating with certain people that I’m concerned may be infected and I’m worried that I can contract it from them.  Can you tell me what/who I should be worried about? A: The truthful answer is that everyone is at risk for HIV, […]

When Is HIV Detectable in Blood?

Q: I had an HIV blood test done with my doctor a few weeks ago, and everything came back negative. I’ve been reading about window periods online and now I’m concerned that I tested too early. When is HIV detectable in the blood? A: Your doctor could have run a couple different types of tests, […]

Post Exposure Prophylaxis After Exposure

Q: I think that I had an exposure to HIV, where can I get Post Exposure Prophylaxis? A: Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) can usually be found through your local emergency room (ER). However, it is not something that doctors are willing to give to just anyone. Generally it is reserved for people that have had […]

Testing for HIV Before Intimacy

Q: My boyfriend and I are ready to take our relationship to the next level. Before we become intimate, we agreed that we needed to be tested for various STDs, including HIV. Can you tell me more about the best type of HIV testing you offer? G. Lloyd Chicago, IL A: It’s a very responsible […]

HIV from Massage Parlor?

Q: I recently went to a massage parlor for the first time, one thing led to another and I cheated on my wife. I’m terrified that I was exposed to HIV or another STD, and the last thing I want to do is pass it to her or my children. It was just oral sex, […]

When can HIV be Detected?

Q: How soon after contracting HIV can it be detected? A: HIV can be detected through blood with various tests. The traditional HIV antibody test will provide reliable results 6 weeks after a potential exposure, and is considered conclusive 12 weeks after the exposure. 6-12 weeks can be a long time to wait, especially if […]

How Do You Get HIV?

Hi, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about different ways of getting HIV, and frankly it’s beginning to seem a little scary. Is it true that if you have sex with someone who has it, you’re guaranteed to get it also? What about oral sex? What is the risk of transmission? I guess overall […]

When to Test for HIV

Q. I have spent all morning researching and I am still confused about when to test for HIV. Some websites say to take the HIV test at six weeks, and others say six months. A. This is one of those posts that I like to start off by saying “you are not the only one.” […]