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Occupational Exposure to HIV

Q: I believe I had an occupational exposure to HIV recently, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to test yet. I’ve heard that you have to wait 3-6 months for a reliable HIV test, is this true? Are there any other options? A: If you believe that you may have been exposed to HIV, […]

Best Test for HIV?

Q: I recently had a test done, but I want to be a hundred percent sure that my results are accurate. What is the best blood test for the HIV virus? A: There are multiple tests that can be used to test for HIV, and depending on your situation one test may be better than […]

Is an HIV PCR Test Suitable for Children?

Q: My partner was recently diagnosed with HIV – and she just had a baby two months ago. I’ve been doing some research and would like to know more about your HIV PCR test. Is it a suitable form of testing for a baby? W. Hallows Boulder, CO A: The HIV PCR test is definitely […]

To Wait or Not to Wait for an HIV PCR Test

Q: I just found out that my brother’s girlfriend is HIV positive. He has only been dating her for about two months. He is freaking out and so am I. Is there any way he can be tested now or should he just go ahead and wait for another month? L. Kincaid Round Rock, TX […]

Is the HIV PCR Test Best for Early Detection?

Q: Help! My girlfriend of two years just told me that she was unfaithful – and she tested positive for HIV! I’m so scared and worried right now, because we had unprotected sex a few weeks ago. I want to get tested right away, but I’m not sure if there are tests that will give […]

What is an HIV PCR Test?

Q: My new girlfriend and I were discussing our sexual history a few days ago. She suggested that we both be tested for HIV before taking our relationship to the next level. She mentioned an HIV PCR test – what is this and how is it any different from a traditional HIV test? G. Roberts […]

Learning about the Two Types of HIV Testing

Q: I would like to get an HIV test at one of your testing facilities. Could you tell me more about the types of HIV testing you offer? I want to choose the best test for the most accurate results. R. Finnley Chicago, IL A: It is always a good idea to be tested for […]