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I Need to Have STD Testing Performed Again!

Q: I recently went to the health department for STD testing. According to their results, I am free of STDs. However, I am worried that the results were not accurate. I am still experiencing various symptoms that simply are not normal. I would like to be tested again, but I would prefer not to use […]

STD Testing for Sexually Active Teen

Q: I just found out that my teen daughter is sexually active. Do I need to schedule her for STD testing? She says she has always used protection, but I’m not so sure. G. Brigade Amarillo, TX A: Using protection greatly reduces her risk of contracting an STD; however, it is certainly not 100 percent […]

Do I Need to Seek STD Testing?

Q: I am concerned about having an STD. I am a 34-year old male and have been sexually active since I was 16. I have always practiced safe sex, but I’m having some unusual symptoms. Some of the symptoms include a discharge and burning while urinating. I don’t know if I have an STD or […]

Seeking STD Tests for My Sexually Active Son

Q: I recently learned that my teenage son is sexually active. I am concerned about his health, because he told me that he does not always use a condom. I know that you guys offer STD tests – how can I arrange to have my son tested for STDs? W. Marshall Little Rock, AR A: […]

What to Expect from STD Testing

Q: I have recently became sexually active. I know that in order to be responsible, I need to seek STD testing. Can you tell me more about this type of testing and tell me what I can expect if I utilize your services? C. Valling San Francisco, CA A: Getting tested for STDs is the […]