STD Testing for Sexually Active Teen

Q: I just found out that my teen daughter is sexually active. Do I need to schedule her for STD testing? She says she has always used protection, but I’m not so sure.

G. Brigade

Amarillo, TX

A: Using protection greatly reduces her risk of contracting an STD; however, it is certainly not 100 percent effective. It is important for all sexually active people to seek testing every once in a while. Not all STDs present symptoms, but they can still be transmitted to others. The only way to be sure that she does not have an STD is to get tested.

Testing can be sought in various ways, including through a personal doctor or the local health department. We offer fast and private testing at local collection centers. Simply call our office to arrange for testing, provide the specimen(s), and then wait for results. Our counselors can discuss your daughter’s testing needs and find a good collection site for her.