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County Sued over Porn Industry STDs

One month after an adult-film actress tested HIV-positive the AIDS Healthcare Foundation pushed for more enforcement on the use of condoms during filming of adult movies. Since 2004, 18 HIV cases and more than 3,700 chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis cases have been reported by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM). AIM is a clinic […]

Porn industry clinic takes anti-HIV steps

The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, reacting to a case disclosed last week, says it’s increasing database controls and urging producers to not accept paper test results from performers. In an effort to prevent the possible spread of HIV in the adult film industry, the San Fernando Valley-based health clinic that serves the porn industry […]

Porn actress tests positive for HIV

An actress who works in Southern California’s pornography industry has tested positive for HIV, renewing county and state health officials’ concerns that the adult entertainment industry lacks sufficient safety measures to prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Jonathan Fielding, health officer for Los Angeles County, said Wednesday that his office […]

Porn Industry Hit With 16 Confirmed HIV Cases

Los Angeles County health officials say there have been 16 previously unpublicized confirmed cases of HIV in adult film industry performers since 2004 when an outbreak shut down porn production for a month. The newly released data brings the number of known HIV cases in adult film performers to 22 since 2004, including a porn […]