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Trying to Get Brother to Seek Herpes Testing

Q: My brother has a new girlfriend, and they have been sexually active for about one month. He told me that he has some sort of a blister or sore on his genitals, and he is concerned about the possibility of an STD, especially herpes. He is too embarrassed to go to his regular doctor […]

Talking about STD Tests with New Partners

Q: I am a 35 year old, recently divorced woman. I have never been with anyone other than my ex-husband. I have met someone, and I would like to take our relationship to another level. However, I am worried about STDs. I know that I do not have anything because I had myself tested after […]

False Positive on a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Q: I recently took a pre-employment drug test at an About My Health facility. My potential boss told me that the test came back positive for drugs. I am very upset because I do not use drugs in any form. I would like to know more about the accuracy of your drug tests. I gave […]

Do I Need a Chlamydia Test When Partner was Treated?

Q: I am a 43-year old man, and I have recently started a new relationship. My partner informed me that she was diagnosed with Chlamydia about two weeks before our first sexual encounter. She says that her doctor gave her medication to take care of the STD, so I shouldn’t be worried. However, I am […]

Learning about the Accuracy of the HIV PCR Test

Q: I am afraid that I have been exposed to HIV in the past 6 weeks. I had unprotected sex with someone that may have the virus. Although I do not know for sure if he has HIV, I would rather not depend on his word alone. I have been trying to find a test […]

Do I Need Another Herpes Test?

Q: I had a herpes test done about three months ago when I started dating my new girlfriend. The results came back negative. I have been faithful to her, and I am certain she has been faithful to me. However, I noticed some sort of blister in my genital area. Before I go back to […]

Could I be Infertile from Chlamydia?

Q: My boyfriend and I were both diagnosed with chlamydia. Neither one of us exhibited any symptoms of chlamydia. We only found out because we both had our annual screening for STDs. I am a little concerned that I may have had this STD for quite some time. Is there any chance that the chlamydia […]

I Need to Have STD Testing Performed Again!

Q: I recently went to the health department for STD testing. According to their results, I am free of STDs. However, I am worried that the results were not accurate. I am still experiencing various symptoms that simply are not normal. I would like to be tested again, but I would prefer not to use […]

Arrange for a Hair Follicle Drug Test with About My Health

Q: I have a strong suspicion that my teenage daughter has been experimenting with drugs. I do not think she is abusing drugs every day, but I do know that there was a party a couple of months ago where drugs were offered. I would like to have her come to one of your lab […]

Why Would a Hair Follicle Test Have Inconclusive Results?

Q: My husband was recently hurt on the job (he works in construction). His boss had him submit to a hair follicle test the same day that he was injured. The test results came back inconclusive, so now my husband must submit to another test. Can you tell me why a hair follicle test would […]