Learning about the Two Types of HIV Testing

Q: I would like to get an HIV test at one of your testing facilities. Could you tell me more about the types of HIV testing you offer? I want to choose the best test for the most accurate results.

R. Finnley

Chicago, IL

A: It is always a good idea to be tested for HIV, as well as other STDs, on a regular basis. It is important to know your status to help protect yourself as well as your partners. Here at About My Health, we offer two types of testing for HIV:

HIV Antibody Test – this is the traditional form of testing for HIV. The results are considered accurate at 6-12 weeks after exposure. When you are tested at least 12 weeks after exposure, the results are conclusive. This is the less expensive type of HIV testing available.
HIV DNA PCR Test – this type of testing utilizes award-winning technology to ensure early detection. If you feel you have been recently exposed to HIV, you can get conclusive results in a timely manner. The HIV PCR test offers accurate, conclusive results in as little as 28 days after exposure, making it the ideal choice for someone facing recent exposure and needing fast answers. This is more expensive than traditional testing.