Urine Drug Tests and Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Q: My insurance company has advised me to have my employees screened for drugs. They said that it will help lower my insurance rates and I can always use the money saved. I am thinking about using your company for the testing. Please tell me more about the types of drug testing you offer.

W. Johns

Salina, KS

A: About My Health takes great pride in providing quality drug tests with accurate results in a timely manner. Should you choose to use us for your testing needs, we offer two types of testing:

Urine drug tests – this type of testing is the most common. It utilizes a urine sample to screen for drugs. You can screen for as many as ten different drugs.
Hair follicle tests – this type of testing utilizes hair samples to screen for drugs. It provides a larger detection window than urine tests – as long as 90 days.

No matter which testing you choose, you can trust our results. We deliver accurate results with a fast turnaround time – usually less than a week. We also offer volume-based pricing for companies to help you save money over time. Account set up and management are also free of charge.