Is an HIV PCR Test Suitable for Children?

Q: My partner was recently diagnosed with HIV – and she just had a baby two months ago. I’ve been doing some research and would like to know more about your HIV PCR test. Is it a suitable form of testing for a baby?

W. Hallows

Boulder, CO

A: The HIV PCR test is definitely suitable for babies. In fact, it is more appropriate than traditional antibody testing in most cases. With any case of HIV, especially in children, early detection and treatment is ideal. The PCR is extremely sensitive and can provide reliable results within days to weeks after exposure.

It is certainly a good idea to have your child tested. In the meantime, try to keep calm. Simply because a child is born to a HIV-positive mother does not mean that they will contract it themselves. You may ask your doctor about the test, or you can contact our office for more information. All of our testing is fast, private, and confidential. We could have your child in a collection center as early as the same day you call, and results are typically returned within a few business days.