False Positive on a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Q: I recently took a pre-employment drug test at an About My Health facility. My potential boss told me that the test came back positive for drugs. I am very upset because I do not use drugs in any form. I would like to know more about the accuracy of your drug tests. I gave a urine sample for my test. How accurate are the results? What is the likelihood of a false positive? Can I be retested immediately? Is there another test that will give better, more reliable results? I realize that mistakes can happen, even in a lab setting, so I just want to get this resolved as soon as possible.

J. Kolper

San Diego, CA

A: All of our tests follow a chain of custody protocol, and they are all laboratory-based. That being said, the chances of receiving a false positive are extremely low. Non-negative results are also processed through a multi-step confirmation process.

If you would like to be retested there are various options. Positive specimens are kept at the lab for 13 months after the collection date, which means we can test the exact same urine that you submitted originally. You might also discuss the option of a hair follicle test with your employer. While hair testing costs more than urine testing, it can provide up 90 days worth of detection. Keep in mind that you may be expected to pay for your retest on your own. Please let us know if there’s any further way we can help.