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False Positive on a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Q: I recently took a pre-employment drug test at an About My Health facility. My potential boss told me that the test came back positive for drugs. I am very upset because I do not use drugs in any form. I would like to know more about the accuracy of your drug tests. I gave […]

Is My Pre-Employment Drug Test Going to be a False Positive?

Q:  I have a pre-employment drug test coming up very soon. I’m a bit nervous about it because I’ve never been tested for drugs. I don’t use drugs, but what are the chances of getting a false positive? I really need this job and don’t want to take any chances. S. Everson Miami, FL A: […]

Our Pre-Employment Drug Test Process

Q: I will be taking my first pre employment drug test next week. I’m new to the workforce, and have never experienced the drug testing process. Can you tell me what to expect when I go to your testing facility for the drug test? B. Monroe Birmingham, Alabama A: The drug testing process is usually […]

Tell Me More about a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Q: My business is booming, and I need to hire more employees. I have decided to implement a pre-employment drug test to make sure I hire only the best workers. What types of drug tests do you offer and which is the best choice for hiring employees? R. Tyler Stillwater, OK A: Congratulations on the […]

My Son’s First Pre-Employment Drug Test

Q: My son applied for his first job and he was hired. However, he has to submit to a pre-employment drug test first. I’ve never had to take a drug test for a job before – I work for myself as a contractor. Please tell us what we can expect from this testing. S. Gillihar […]

What to Expect with a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Q: I have been looking for a job for several months. I finally have an interview next week. The job requires a pre-employment drug test. I’ve never taken a drug test before. Can you tell me what to expect? T. Rawlings St. Louis, Missouri A: Passing a drug test before being hired for a job […]