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Learning about the Two Types of HIV Testing

Q: I would like to get an HIV test at one of your testing facilities. Could you tell me more about the types of HIV testing you offer? I want to choose the best test for the most accurate results. R. Finnley Chicago, IL A: It is always a good idea to be tested for […]

Should I Opt for the HIV PCR Panel Test?

Q: My brother recently got tested for HIV at one of your testing facilities. He chose to get the HIV PCR panel test performed. I’m thinking about being tested as well. Please tell me about this test and why I should choose it over traditional testing. W. Yodella Salina, KS A: People choose different forms […]

Is the HIV DNA PCR test reliable?

I had a recent exposure on Jan 6th and I heard the DNA PCR will be able to provide conclusive results on HIV after 28 days. However, I read contradictory statements on the internet that it is not a reliable method and there are more false positives and even HIV positive people are not caught […]

Reliability of the HIV DNA PCR

I have been told that the PCR test is not supposed to be used for diagnostic purposes. I had a PCR test done for HIV a month after I had sex with someone who turned out to be a different person than I thought he was. The PCR test said “not detected”, but if it […]

Federal Appeals Court Sides with Roche in HIV Test Kit Patent Spat with Stanford

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit last week ruled in favor of Roche in a longstanding patent-infringement dispute with Stanford University regarding ownership of PCR-based test kits for measuring HIV viral load. Stanford did not have standing to file suit because, the court determined, Roche owned the patents at issue. A lower […]

Pact inked with Clinton Foundation

Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy signed an agreement with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) that supports a program in various areas. The program includes a steady supply of aniretroviral medication, CD4 testing, diagnosis and monitoring and nutritional supplements among other initiatives. Alfredo Idiarte of CHAI said his organization is committed to the program […]

PCR-Based HIV Test Monitors Viral Load

Roche Diagnostic Systems Inc.’s Amplicor H.I.V.-1 monitor test for use in determining viral load in individuals infected with HIV has received FDA approval for marketing. The test uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to measure HIV genetic material in the blood. In laboratory studies, the Amplicor test was able in some cases to detect as […]

What Is My Risk?

Can you access my risk? 4.5 weeks ago, things got out of control at a strip club in Michigan and I received oral sex from two strippers and also fingered them and made out with them. I’m pretty sure I’m not at too much of risk, but could you give me your opinion on what […]

LTR real-time PCR for HIV-1 DNA quantitation in blood cells for early diagnosis in infants born to seropositive mothers treated in HAART area

HIV-1 diagnosis in babies born to seropositive mothers is one of the challenges of HIV epidemics in children. A simple, rapid protocol was developed for quantifying HIV-1 DNA in whole blood samples and was used in the ANRS French pediatric cohort in conditions of prevention of mother-to-child transmission. A quantitative HIV-1 DNA protocol (LTR real-time […]

HIV Antibody Tests Unreliable for Early Infections in Teens

All too often, teenagers are going to their doctor’s office with flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, etc.- having some routine blood work done – and when everything comes back negative they are sent home with no-questions-asked. A few weeks later (symptoms still persistent) the teens return to have more blood work. This time the HIV […]