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Do I Need an HIV Test and Other STD Testing?

Q: As a sexually active person, I have always practiced safe sex. I know how important it is to protect myself, as well as others, from STDs. Even though I have diligently protected myself, should I still be tested for STDs and get an HIV test? What are the chances that I have an STD […]

Is the HIV PCR Test Best for Early Detection?

Q: Help! My girlfriend of two years just told me that she was unfaithful – and she tested positive for HIV! I’m so scared and worried right now, because we had unprotected sex a few weeks ago. I want to get tested right away, but I’m not sure if there are tests that will give […]

What is an HIV PCR Test?

Q: My new girlfriend and I were discussing our sexual history a few days ago. She suggested that we both be tested for HIV before taking our relationship to the next level. She mentioned an HIV PCR test – what is this and how is it any different from a traditional HIV test? G. Roberts […]

Hypothesis of snake and insect venoms against Human Immunodeficiency Virus: a review

Abstract Background Snake and insect venoms have been demonstrated to have beneficial effects in the treatment of certain diseases including drug resistant human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. We evaluated and hypothesized the probable mechanisms of venoms against HIV. Methods Previous literatures published over a period of 30 years (1979-2009) were searched using the key words […]

How Do You Get HIV?

Hi, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about different ways of getting HIV, and frankly it’s beginning to seem a little scary. Is it true that if you have sex with someone who has it, you’re guaranteed to get it also? What about oral sex? What is the risk of transmission? I guess overall […]

When to Test for HIV

Q. I have spent all morning researching and I am still confused about when to test for HIV. Some websites say to take the HIV test at six weeks, and others say six months. A. This is one of those posts that I like to start off by saying “you are not the only one.” […]

Tests For HIV

Q: Tests for HIV, why so many? I am in Philadelphia area and I have been looking at the options for my HIV test, there are so many how do I choose? A: As covered in a previous submission, there are multiple tests for HIV. If you have questions about which test you should be […]

HIV Testing New York – What to Expect

I live in Manhattan, NY and recently visited my doctor for a regular check up. When I was there he asked if I would like a test for HIV! Why would he ask? Do I have symptoms of HIV or the appearance of someone who has it? He said it’s just standard practice for doctors, […]

Symptoms of HIV?

Q: I had unprotected sex with a girl about a month ago and have been worried that I have HIV ever since. I started feeling sick a little after it happened and everywhere I look it says I have symptoms of HIV! I am extremely nervous now and I don’t know what to do, please […]

Condom Broke, MSM, Top Partner HIV Risk

Question: I had Anal Sex with an HIV positive person twice. The first time, the condom didn’t break, but the second time the condom broke for 3-4 second. I can say the exact time and I took my penis out. After that, I put on a new condom and continued. This time the condom didn’t […]