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What is the Difference Between a Urine and a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Q: I was just informed that my employer is going to require a hair follicle drug test. I’ve been drug tested before, but never with a hair follicle test. What is the difference between this test and traditional urine testing? B. Gilley Little Rock, AR A: A hair follicle drug test provides a larger window […]

What to Expect with a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Q: I have been looking for a job for several months. I finally have an interview next week. The job requires a pre-employment drug test. I’ve never taken a drug test before. Can you tell me what to expect? T. Rawlings St. Louis, Missouri A: Passing a drug test before being hired for a job […]

Which Drugs are Detected by Urine Drug Tests?

Q: I own a small business and have been told that my insurance rates will decrease if I drug test my employees. I’d like to use urine drug tests, but I want to make sure the results will be sufficient. Can you explain which drugs are detected by this type of testing? A: Urine drug […]

How to Test for Methadone

“I have been taking Methadone for 2 years but now I am off. I have a pre-employment drug screen in a few days. How do I test for Methadone to make sure I pass my drug test?” Kenny B. Atlanta, GA Methadone is typically not tested for in a pre-employment drug screen. However, it is […]

How to Test for Ecstasy

Q: I think my son has been using ecstasy, but I want to be sure before I confront him. Is there any way to test for ecstasy use? Jaime S. Chicago, IL A: Yes there is a way to test for ecstasy; however, it is a bit more complicated than doing a standard drug screen. […]