How Can I Get a Drug Screening for My Son?

Q: I think my teenage son is abusing drugs. I would like to have him submit to a drug screening, but I don’t know how to get started. I want to make sure I use a reputable lab, of course, but I also want to protect our privacy – I’d rather the neighbors not find out about this. Can someone at About My Health help me?

L. Kiser

Seattle, Washington

A: We understand the frustration and fear that you must be feeling right now. The possibility that your child is using drug is not easy to face. We can most certainly help you screen your child for drug use. We specialize in making the drug testing process as fast and easy as possible – as well as affordable. All you need to do is contact us to locate the nearest AMH testing facility. Most of the time, testing can be arranged for the very same day. We can discuss what type of test is best for your situation or even set up a periodic series of tests so you can be sure your child is consistently not using.

Our private testing facilities are discreet so you can be confident that your privacy will be protected. Upon arrival at the facility, your son will promptly be tested and the collection normally takes no longer than 15 minutes. Results are usually available in 1-3 days.

When you receive the results we are here to answer any additional questions.