Learning about STD Tests

Q: As a sexually active person, I am thinking about getting tested for various STDs. I would like to know more about your STD tests, as far as what I can expect, accuracy and timely results.

M. Brewster

Seattle, WA

A: Taking control of your life by getting tested for STDs is a smart choice. As a sexually responsible person, it is important to protect yourself and your partners against STDs. There are many STDs out there and many of them can be cured with medication. The problems start when STDs are left untreated. That is why testing is so important for the sexually active person.

When it comes to STD tests, you have nothing to fear. Here at About My Health, we strive to make the testing process as easy, painless and private as possible. All you have to do is contact us to arrange for a testing date. On this date – sometimes, as soon as the very same day you call – you will go to one of our anonymous testing sites. There, you will submit your sample – either a blood or urine specimen. After that, the results usually take between one and three business days. We’ll make sure you’re testing for what you need to, and when you need to.