Tell Me More about a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Q: My business is booming, and I need to hire more employees. I have decided to implement a pre-employment drug test to make sure I hire only the best workers. What types of drug tests do you offer and which is the best choice for hiring employees?

R. Tyler

Stillwater, OK

A: Congratulations on the success of your business! Hiring more employees and implementing drug testing is a good idea. The drug testing will help you eliminate those that may abuse drugs – something that you do not want to deal with on the job.

Here at About My Health, we offer both urine and hair follicle testing. Urine samples are the traditional type of testing used for pre-employment purposes. The price of these tests is cheaper than other types of testing. However, this type of testing does not have a large window of detection – so, there is always a chance that some drugs will go unnoticed. Hair follicle testing, while more expensive, has a large window of detection. Hair follicle testing can tell if someone has a history of drug use, but may have cleaned up right before they applied for a position. The option you choose depends on your testing budget and your exact concerns. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office for more information.