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False Positive on a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Q: I recently took a pre-employment drug test at an About My Health facility. My potential boss told me that the test came back positive for drugs. I am very upset because I do not use drugs in any form. I would like to know more about the accuracy of your drug tests. I gave […]

Is My Pre-Employment Drug Test Going to be a False Positive?

Q:  I have a pre-employment drug test coming up very soon. I’m a bit nervous about it because I’ve never been tested for drugs. I don’t use drugs, but what are the chances of getting a false positive? I really need this job and don’t want to take any chances. S. Everson Miami, FL A: […]

Seeking STD Tests for My Sexually Active Son

Q: I recently learned that my teenage son is sexually active. I am concerned about his health, because he told me that he does not always use a condom. I know that you guys offer STD tests – how can I arrange to have my son tested for STDs? W. Marshall Little Rock, AR A: […]

All About Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Q: I was just informed that my employer is going to start using hair follicle drug tests. Please tell me more about this. Am I going to have a huge, bald spot after one of these tests? Is it going to be painful? How accurate are the results? I’ve never taken drugs, but I’m worried […]

Is There Any Way To Beat/Alter a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Q: I was just wondering how accurate hair follicle drug tests are. Are they pretty accurate or is there any way to beat or alter the result? – Jeff, NYC A: Good question. For the most part, hair follicle tests do a great job of detecting drug use. However, there are a few exceptions. First, […]

Condom Broke, MSM, Top Partner HIV Risk

Question: I had Anal Sex with an HIV positive person twice. The first time, the condom didn’t break, but the second time the condom broke for 3-4 second. I can say the exact time and I took my penis out. After that, I put on a new condom and continued. This time the condom didn’t […]

Is the HIV DNA PCR test reliable?

I had a recent exposure on Jan 6th and I heard the DNA PCR will be able to provide conclusive results on HIV after 28 days. However, I read contradictory statements on the internet that it is not a reliable method and there are more false positives and even HIV positive people are not caught […]

Reliability of the HIV DNA PCR

I have been told that the PCR test is not supposed to be used for diagnostic purposes. I had a PCR test done for HIV a month after I had sex with someone who turned out to be a different person than I thought he was. The PCR test said “not detected”, but if it […]

Ozzy Osbourne’s False Positive HIV Test

Ozzy Osbourne received a false positive test for HIV a number of years back, and claims he was devastated by the news when the original result came back positive. “I went to the doctor and had an AIDS test and he told me it was positive,” he said, in an interview in this month’s Glamour […]

Hepatitis C Virus Tests

Test Overview Hepatitis C virus (HCV) test is a blood test that looks for proteins (antibodies) or genetic material (RNA) of the virus that causes hepatitis C. These proteins will be present in your blood if you have a hepatitis C infection now or have had one in the past. It is important to identify […]