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Arrange for a Hair Follicle Drug Test with About My Health

Q: I have a strong suspicion that my teenage daughter has been experimenting with drugs. I do not think she is abusing drugs every day, but I do know that there was a party a couple of months ago where drugs were offered. I would like to have her come to one of your lab […]

Better Detection with a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Q: I suspect that an employee is abusing drugs. I am going to have him submit to a drug test. However, I want to make sure that I use a test that will give me reliable results. Is a hair follicle drug test more accurate than a urine drug test? W. Elmer Salt Lake City, […]

Our Hair Follicle Drug Test Procedure

Q: I was just told that my employer is requesting a hair follicle drug test. I’ve never had one of these before, please tell me what to expect. Name Withheld Atlanta, GA A: Hair follicle testing is just an alternative to urine drug testing. It can offer an extended window of detection in comparison to […]

All About Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Q: I was just informed that my employer is going to start using hair follicle drug tests. Please tell me more about this. Am I going to have a huge, bald spot after one of these tests? Is it going to be painful? How accurate are the results? I’ve never taken drugs, but I’m worried […]

What is the Difference Between a Urine and a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Q: I was just informed that my employer is going to require a hair follicle drug test. I’ve been drug tested before, but never with a hair follicle test. What is the difference between this test and traditional urine testing? B. Gilley Little Rock, AR A: A hair follicle drug test provides a larger window […]

How to Test for Methadone

“I have been taking Methadone for 2 years but now I am off. I have a pre-employment drug screen in a few days. How do I test for Methadone to make sure I pass my drug test?” Kenny B. Atlanta, GA Methadone is typically not tested for in a pre-employment drug screen. However, it is […]