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Protection or Not, Testing is a Good Idea

Q: I have only been sexually active for about six months. There was one incident in which protection was not used. Should I seek testing for STDs? B. Case Tampa, FL A: If you have had unprotected sex it is a good idea to seek testing, even if you don’t show any noticeable symptoms. Many […]

When Is HIV Detectable in Blood?

Q: I had an HIV blood test done with my doctor a few weeks ago, and everything came back negative. I’ve been reading about window periods online and now I’m concerned that I tested too early. When is HIV detectable in the blood? A: Your doctor could have run a couple different types of tests, […]

Is There an HIV Antibody Test for Recent Exposure?

Q: I had a one night stand a few weeks ago and heard a rumor that the man is HIV positive. I am concerned about this possible recent exposure to HIV. Is there an HIV antibody test that can detect this virus after recent exposure? Or, am I forced to wait for about three months? […]

What to Expect with the HIV Antibody Test

Q: I am thinking about getting tested for HIV. Although I have always practiced safe sex, I’ve heard that it is still a good idea to be tested. I’ve done a little bit of research and would like to know more about the HIV antibody test. What can you tell me about this type of […]