Is There an HIV Antibody Test for Recent Exposure?

Q: I had a one night stand a few weeks ago and heard a rumor that the man is HIV positive. I am concerned about this possible recent exposure to HIV. Is there an HIV antibody test that can detect this virus after recent exposure? Or, am I forced to wait for about three months?

H. Yelfner

Morristown, TN

A: If you’ve heard that a partner might be HIV positive, it is definitely a good idea to get tested as soon as possible. There is testing available that is specifically designed for early detection of HIV. You can be tested before the standard three-month window after exposure. It is more expensive than traditional antibody testing, but it can give you the answers you’re looking for early on.

If you choose to utilize our anonymous, private testing facilities, you can have your results in about 3-7 business days after the collection. The results are accurate and the testing is discreet – your privacy is always protected. Contact us today to arrange for testing and put your mind at ease.