Is a Chlamydia Test Private?

Q: I have been thinking about having a chlamydia test performed. I’m not sure if I’ve been exposed, but I think it is a possibility. I just don’t want anyone to find out I’m being tested. Will you protect my privacy?

D. Harper

Dallas, TX

A: Your privacy is one of our main concerns. All of our testing is performed in general collection sites, so you are not visiting an STD clinic by any means. People go to our collection sites for anything from a pre-employment drug screen to a cholesterol test. We make every effort to keep the testing process private and discreet. The collection process is also fast and private – no embarrassing questionnaires to fill out and no invasive physical exams. Just check in with a registration number, provide a blood and/or urine sample, and you’re on your way. Your privacy is important to us and we will do everything possible to ensure its protection.