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What to Expect from STD Testing

Q: I have recently became sexually active. I know that in order to be responsible, I need to seek STD testing. Can you tell me more about this type of testing and tell me what I can expect if I utilize your services? C. Valling San Francisco, CA A: Getting tested for STDs is the […]

Can I Seek Anonymous STD Testing?

Q: As a sexually-active adult, I am concerned about possible exposure to STDs. I’m embarrassed to talk to my doctor about testing – he has been my doctor since I was a child. Is it possible to get anonymous STD testing elsewhere? L. Ellis Memphis, Tennessee A: It’s not a bad idea to get tested. […]

Can I Seek STD Tests in Private Settings to Avoid Embarrassment?

Q: I recently had unprotected sex. I’m concerned that I might have exposed myself to sexually transmitted diseases – but I’m too embarrassed to go to my regular doctor for testing. Is there a way I can have STD tests in a private, anonymous setting? J. Ellis Albuquerque, New Mexico A: Yes, there is absolutely […]

Learning about STD Tests

Q: As a sexually active person, I am thinking about getting tested for various STDs. I would like to know more about your STD tests, as far as what I can expect, accuracy and timely results. M. Brewster Seattle, WA A: Taking control of your life by getting tested for STDs is a smart choice. […]

STD Testing Phoenix

Hello, I just moved to Phoenix and I want to know where I can get STD testing. Any suggestions? – Trevor, Phoenix, AZ There are a couple different options when it comes to STD testing in Phoenix. Actually there are a variety of options when it comes to testing anywhere. Many people get their testing […]

HIV Testing New York – What to Expect

I live in Manhattan, NY and recently visited my doctor for a regular check up. When I was there he asked if I would like a test for HIV! Why would he ask? Do I have symptoms of HIV or the appearance of someone who has it? He said it’s just standard practice for doctors, […]

Tiger Woods’ Alleged Mistress to get Tested?

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods’ mistress, has reportedly planned to do some testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Uchitel apparently told her friends that she planned on testing after multiple women, including a few porn actresses, claimed they had also had relations with Woods. Uchitel’s decision to get tested is a smart one indeed. By having […]

Marriage License Requirements

Question: I just recently got engaged, and I’ve been hearing that STD testing is required to get a marriage license. Is this true? – Mississippi Answer: In many states, this can be the case. Mississippi in particular requires that both parties provide proof from within the past 30 days that they are free of syphilis. […]

Are You in Love?

Question: Hi, I think I’ve found the love of my life and I want to do everything I can to make this a good healthy relationship. What should I do? Answer:  If you are in love, it’s safe to assume that you also care about this person’s health. Before taking the next step in your […]

Is HIV/STD testing needed for a foreign work visa?

In many cases, yes. More and more countries are requiring that travelers and tourists have proof of HIV/STD testing before attaining a work visa. Russia, for example, requires proof of HIV testing if one is staying for 90 or more days – which is often the case if they are travelling for work. Canada, China, […]